Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're not together anymore

Well - I don't really know where to begin on this one. Ethan has never - ever gone through a period in his young life when he hasn't liked girls. I mean liked girls in the sense that he is attracted to them!

When he was in nursery, he used to try and kiss a little red head named Lauren. Why? Because he thought she was Mary Jane, from Spiderman! I would get so embarrased when I would go in to pick him up and they would tell me he was trying to kiss her again! What? An 18 month old?

Fast-forward 5 years and Ethan is now in Kindergarten at Woods Cross Elementary. He came home on the first day of school and said he liked a girl - Allie. Since then, he has continually given me updates on the Allie situation. He has kissed her on the cheek in "stations". He said the teacher didn't see it, so it was OK.

He told me that he has held her hand at recess. Aparently, some of the other girls are "jealous" and want him to like them. He has fluctuated between Allie and Lauren. He came home from his first day back after Christmas break and when I asked him how school was, he said, "me and Allie aren't together anymore!" I told him that he doesn't even know what "together" means...but I am starting to worry he actually does!

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