Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love Justin Timberlake

Joey and I met while attending College. I was working at the Glenwood Apartment Complex in Provo, Utah. Joey lived in the complex and we met one week when his mailbox was broken. He "had" to come into the office every day to pick up the mail for his apartment. I thought it was strange that he was the one that came to pick it up every day...but I didn't mind. I had access to the computer system, which contained information I needed to know about him. I looked him up and found out that he was a 22-year-old returned missionary (Dominican Republic), from California and attending BYU. I was currently dating someone, but his last name was Neiderhauser (pronounced Neederhowzer) and I just didn't think I could be Emily Neiderhauser for the rest of my life.

On around the 6th day of his mailbox being broken, Joey called the office with a "maintenance request" for his apartment. Of course, I answered the phone and after he made the request, he asked me on a date. Not wanting to two-time my unfortunately-named boyfriend, Ioved Joey I couldn't because I was going home for the weekend. Aparently, Joey could tell that I was lying and he vowed not to ask me out again! I broke up with Mason a few days later. The next time I saw Joey, he was picking up a sequined suit from the office that his mom had sent him - he was going to wear it to a girl's choice dance. I asked about it and he said I could come up to his apartment and see if if I wanted. It was a Saturday and the office was I did! He showed me the suit and we talked a little. He asked me out and that was that! Our first date was to Chili's restaraunt...and for that, I will always love Chili's!

My roommates immediatley loved him and 1 of them thought he looked like Justin Timberlake. For some reason, he had bleached his hair and he loved to wear tight sweaters. I didn't know if he was my type at first...but after a few dates, I absolutely loved him!

He proposed in April (6 months later) in the Glenwood office! We were married July 29th, 1999 in the Salt Lake Temple.

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