Friday, May 29, 2009

Max's preschool graduation

We are so proud of Max! He has completed his second year of pre-school with "miss Wendy" as his teacher. He had such a great year!!! He loved his class and especially loved meeting his friends - Sawyear, Jack, Connor and Will. They had such a great year together and he's so excited for Kindergarten in August.

His graduation was so much fun and Max said his speaking part perfectly. He memorized it after practicing it just one time. We loved to hear all of the great songs they performed as well!

Audrey Jane

Audrey is growing so much! She is a "petite" girl right now. She has the smallest feet of any of the kids in the family so far! Lucky girl :) She is so much fun and just today started to play "peek-a-boo" with Owen. She is smiling, laughing, dancing, crawing and standing! She loves her brothers, but she knows when to watch out for them, too! She also loves the special time she spends with dad. When he gets home from work, she goes up to the room with him to play while he changes out of his work clothes.

She's a great eater and so far loves all of the fruits and vegetables that we can give her! Aboutr a month ago, she got her first tooth on the bottom and we're waiting for the second one to pop through any moment!

Baseball Dayz

We have been having lots of fun this past month going to Ethan's baseball games! It's his first year of machine pitch and he's doing great. He is one of the youngest on his team and he's very proud of that! Owen, Audrey, Max, mom and dad all love sitting on the sidelines. Max and Owen have loved the "snack shaft" (shack) as Max calls it. They ask to get a treat from there every time we go to a game. Audrey has been doing well...crawling around and grabbing grass whenever she can. It's lots of fun and I am planning on many, many, many more games to come...with the 3 boys. So far, Ethan hasn't found a sport he doesn't like :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here are our two "muscle men" Ethan and Max. They love to flex their guns and I think they look so grown up when they do! Ethan loves to work out and has a whole routine outside that he'll do a couple times a week. Max likes it for a few minutes...but that's about it!