Friday, March 13, 2009

Honkey Tonk

Just a little note - as I was turning on the t.v. this morning, Owen came in with his "Wiggles" guitar, singing one of his favorite songs. This is what he sang: "Honkey tonk, b'donka donk! Sing along...slap your grandma!" I couldn't believe it - he was strumming and singing at the top of his lungs. These are the real words to a Trace Adkins song, but it sounds hillarious coming out of a 2-year-old's mouth!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boys in Trees

Ethan is growing in so many ways this year! He's having a great time in Kindergarten. He is a fabulous artist and loves to draw - he will pause his favorite cartoon (Ben 10) and draw the picture that he sees on the screen..paying perfect attention to the details. He is also very into climbing the tree in our front yard - he gets up there pretty high!

Is that comfy?

Here's what we saw about a week ago as we walked past Owen's bedroom...

Audrey's growing up...

Audrey is almost 6 months old now and we can't believe it! She is a very happy girl and is already extremely attached to mom! She is sitting up and laughing and interacting with her brothers. Ethan has figured out a game to make her laugh - he puts a blanket over her and then pulls it off quickly. Max is very sweet and soft with her and Owen, well...he's still trying his best. He loves to say, "Audrey is a baby..." because it's his way of getting away with calling someone a "baby" without getting into trouble.

The other night, it was so fun to see how excited she was when Ethan and Max walked in the door after being gone for a long time. She started smiling and kicking her legs. Before long, they had her laughing. They just loved to see how much she missed them!

Audrey looks just like dad (of course) and we're so glad she's in our family!

Nacho - CHEESE

The boys love the movie "Nacho Libre". They went through a faze about 2 years ago where they were obsessed with fact, many a neighbor saw both Max and Ethan running outside in their turqoise "nacho tights". Last Christmas, my mom made them some red capes and they got Nacho tights from Santa. This Christmas, Max decided to bring it back and the ONLY thing he wanted from Santa were "Nacho tights." We thought it was strange, because he hadn't talked about Nacho for a long time. Well...they're back and he's put his own twist on 'em. Owen joins in the fun wearing his own pair of tights - but he prefers to go without the underwear (under or over).

Monday, March 2, 2009

scrub-a-dub-dub...3 kidds in the tub

Here are the boys in the tub...this is probably one of the last times Eth will let me take a pic of them in the tub :) They have so much fun together and Ethan is a good example to his younger brothers. They love to play sharks, spiderman, Ben 10 and squirt each other. It goes about like this: 1 minute of playing, 1 minute of fighting, 1 minute of crying, 1 minute of playing, .... and on like that for about 20minutes!

I'm flattered

The other day...I was asking Max if he wanted to play soccer this next year and he said, "I'd be flattered!" Max is so smart and I was surprised that he actually knew when and how to use the word. He's the wild card - always saying something funny!

Potty Potty Potty trained!

Here's O-dawg writing a letter to his Aunt Melissa on her mission! He is officially potty trained now and the way we did it is by letting him run around naked for awhile. So, for all you neighbors and friends who were sick of seeing him's OK! We're done now. We're so proud of him and we are happy to only have 1 set of diapers to change now.

Owen is such a fun boy - we went to watch dad's church regional play-off basketball game the other day. He kept saying "hi" to dad and was constantly acting annoyed at the other team saying; "awww...come on peeps!"

Sumo Princess

Here's Audrey in all her chubbiness! It's funny, because this picture makes her look twice as fat as she actually is...but I love it. She has learned to sit-up with little or no assistance now! She is laughing and especially loves to be entertained by her brothers. She loves to watch them and I can tell she really feels like she's part of the family now. What a joy she is!