Monday, March 2, 2009

Potty Potty Potty trained!

Here's O-dawg writing a letter to his Aunt Melissa on her mission! He is officially potty trained now and the way we did it is by letting him run around naked for awhile. So, for all you neighbors and friends who were sick of seeing him's OK! We're done now. We're so proud of him and we are happy to only have 1 set of diapers to change now.

Owen is such a fun boy - we went to watch dad's church regional play-off basketball game the other day. He kept saying "hi" to dad and was constantly acting annoyed at the other team saying; "awww...come on peeps!"

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Sami Aguilar said...

I love this! All these pictures and stories are so cute! I'm so looking forward to more fun stories. Oh we miss ya'll so much. Can't wait to see you in about a month. :)