Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good things, indeed!

Ethan and Max had a fun opportunity in early December. Sharon Smith (now Miles) is a woman in our ward with her own line of dress-up clothes. She designed a Nativity set and asked Ethan and Max to model them for her on Good Things Utah. This was especially fun, because the other "models" were a few kids in our neighborhood that they are good friends with.

They were so excited when they found out they were going to be on TV! On the morning of, I got everyone ready and we headed to the studio (Owen stayed with his favorite girl...Amber Ressel!) Joey met us there (he works 1/2mile away!) They went into the green room and started getting ready. It was so much fun - especially to be with our friends and neighbors.

They sat us in the audience (we were a little nervous, because Audrey was asleep in her carrier and we didn't know how long that would last!) The "warm up" guy let us know everything we could and couldn't do. The most important thing was just to clap really loud (since there were only about 15 of us there!)

Our segment was at the very beginning...which was perfect. The kids hammed it up (especially Ethan) who made sure he was smiling the whole time and evey waving. Max was definitely smiling, too. Another exciting thing was that for some reason, people dressed up as Star Wars characters were there. I was feeding Audrey during their segment, so I still don't know why they were there. Anyway - the boys thought that was great!

The hosts were super nice...much nicer than I thought they would be in person. Regan wasn't there and she's myh favorite. Nicea, Angi and Marni were, however. It was so much fun and something I hope they'll remember for a long time! It was fun to see the "behind the scenes" of a show like that. Ethan's picture is also on the cover of the nativity package - and it was sold in Deseret Book! He's kind of embarassed, but deep down, he loves it!

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