Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ethan is our little man. He is growing up so fast! He turned 6 in September and started Kindergarten. Ethan has alot of friends and makes them very easily, wherever he goes. He is a kind boy and loves to tell mom and dad stories (especially when he is supposed to be going to sleep!) He's a great big brother to Max, Owen and Audrey. He has been playing soccer this year and is loving it. He makes sure to keep track of how many goals he has made - every game!

His latest super hero obsession is "Ben 10." Ben can turn himself into 10 different alien creatues to fight the bad guys! He and Max have a great time watching the shows and then pretending to fight the bad guys.

Ethan is such a wonderful son. I am looking forward to the many things he will accomplish in his life!

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